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What Our Happy Clients Say About Traralgon Counsellor, Peter Winter

“Peter has helped me find a fresh perspective in a number of aspects of my life. This has inspired an overwhelming new hope for happiness. He has helped me see and start to believe that the possibilities for the future are actually endless. I finally feel like I’m stepping in the right direction and I am excited for what’s next!”
– Bob Evans
“Peter Winter’s approach to counselling is truly visionary. I have attended many counselling sessions over the years, with various experts in the field of psychology, however, none have been able to free me from my self-imposed imprisonment, namely that ‘black dog’ or ‘depression I now feel that he has tapped into an area that his predecessors have not been able to reach or understand. I know that I am on the path to psychological freedom, and look forward to exploring and unlocking myself from this torment, with Peter’s continued expert guidance along the way. His sessions are not about laying blame with our loved ones, but rather freeing us from our deepest and darkest childhood beliefs, and encouraging us to move forward with positive and more mature thinking. Continue the good work Peter, I look forward to working with you in the future.”
– Sue, Traralgon
“I started working with Peter at what I can easily say was the lowest point of my life. I cannot begin to emphasise how much my life has improved since then. With the help of Peter’s unwavering patience, faith, love and compassion I have found the strength to build myself back up.”
– Don Simpson
“…the last 12 months have been a very trying for myself personally…(but) whether by appointment or an after-hours phone call, Peter has shown myself nothing but 100% commitment to helping me with various different issues. Peter works with depression, addiction, relationships…(and) all I can say is wow! I haven’t been this content in life for some time now. (Peter) never ceases to amaze me with his ability as a counsellor…the change in my day-to-day life he has made is amazing and I will forever speak praise of this man.”
– Dean
“I have been seeing Peter for some months now for Anger Management. Peter has helped me immensely in overcoming my anxiety and anger issues. The way Peter goes about things is second to none. Peter makes you feel comfortable in a relaxing environment. Peter’s uncanny ability to see the real you is quite a talent. What an amazing man and counsellor. My future looks bright moving forward, all thanks to Peter’s methods. Thanks for everything.”
– Anonymous
“At first I was apprehensive to see a counsellor as a result of a difficult 7 year relationship break up which was leaving me feeling empty, anxious and affected my everyday life. After my first session I instantly felt lifted and comfortable with Peter. Peter assisted with the process to deal with my situation and get my life back on track. I could not recommend Peter enough, he is a real professional and great at what he does.”
– Anonymous
“Deciding to attend Peter’s sessions was a life changing decision. Peter not only provides a safe space to deal with complex and difficult challenges, but also allows space for his clients to discover and grow through the process of healing. Peter is incredibly perceptive, patient and kind.
Peter provides a supporting non-judgemental space to be able to explore what is happening and has managed to assist me in gaining a new insight and ability to focus on the things that matter and to begin to move forward from issues from the past. Peter has managed to assist where numerous other clinicians and techniques have failed in the past.”
– Sarah, Traralgon
“Fantastic counsellor with varied experience. He supports you to be the best you can be. Highly recommend.”
– Emma, Traralgon

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