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Peter Winter believes that there are no one-size-fits all ‘band-aid’ approaches to solving the ongoing problem of drug addiction. Instead, he takes a more grounded & realistic approach; by addressing the issues that propel the addiction, rather than just taking the symptoms and immediate consequences at face value, a truer resolution will be reached.

Why alcohol?

There are many numerous reasons why a person might take up drinking as means of coping. Among these are:

  • poor self-esteemalcoholism
  • social anxiety (wanting to fit in)
  • depression and other mental health issues
  • dealing with a recent loss
  • influences from friends, family or the media
  • injury (self-medication)
  • childhood trauma/painful memories
  • chasing the high from previous experiences

(Above list adapted from “9 Reasons Why People Use Drugs and Alcohol”)

Sobering statistics

  • Almost 5 million people in Australia aged 14 or older (26%) reported being a victim of an alcohol-related incident in 2013.
  • 67 per cent of Australians aged 14 to 19 had tried alcohol, and just over one in five were drinking alcohol on a weekly basis.

So what’s the next step?

Peter is confident that he can release you from the pitfalls of alcoholism; he has successfully resolved addiction issues for numerous clients, many of whom are still in their teens or early 20’s. If you genuinely believe that you are in serious danger of succumbing to alcohol addiction, please contact Peter. Alcoholism remains an ongoing issue, but it is a battle that can be won, one person at a time.


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