Peter Winter Offers A Variety Of Counselling Services

How can Peter’s professional counselling services help you?

Improve your health, energy, vitality and self–esteem with counselling from Peter Winter at Peter’s Counselling in Traralgon. Peter can help you move towards clarity and a positive direction in your life. He provides professional counselling for a number of issues and challenges including:

  • Relationship and marriage counselling
  • Personal and family issues
  • Gender and sexual orientation issues
  • Anger management
  • Depression or anxiety management
After my counselling sessions with Peter I feel a lot calmer now. Little things no longer worry me and stress me out. Peter gave me a ton of new tools to work with and I was even able to let go of the issues I had with my father and my sister.– Shane, Traralgon

Save yourself time and energy and no longer feel like you are stuck in a rut by calling on Peter Winter. He can help provide clarity about your emotions and behaviour. In your sessions Peter can provide direction and help you learn to manage and control your own behaviour, discovering tools to deal with everyday situations that may be a current source of distress in your life.

For a fresh perspective call Peter’s Counselling at Traralgon.

Peter helps you feel like you are speaking with an old friend. I went to Peter as I felt like I was just treading water, not going backwards but not going forward either. I was seeking someone that could give me guidance on all levels and could take the holistic approach. Peter teaches you how to identify your belief systems and understand how you are creating your own circumstances.He helps you to see patterns in your behaviour; and then teaches you new and more effective methods for dealing with relationships, work and life in general.I felt that I could speak very openly and that Peter always had a vast toolkit to help me get to the bottom of things and move on. – Hannah
Before my counselling sessions with Peter I had a serious road rage problem. Whenever I found myself driving behind a slow driver I would get so angry that I would shout and scream and honk the horn until they got out of my way. Peter taught me this amazing ‘reframing’ technique where I would imagine slow drivers as being in Fred Flinstone style vehicles, peddling for all they were worth to move along the road. Somehow that image stuck in my head and now I can relax and even laugh at the thought of the driver in front of me peddling for all he’s worth to even move at all! Thanks Peter. – Lucas, Traralgon
I came to peter Winter Counselling with a dark cloud of depression hanging over my head. With intimate knowledge of human behaviour, Peter could ask pertinent questions about my life to bring out answers to my problems and related great stories of hope, which changed my thought patterns and gave me back faith that life was meant to be happy. Peter’s counselling lifted the dark cloud and once again the sun shines in my life. My life is much improved and my relationships with wife and family are much brighter. – Client from Morwell



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