Phone Counselling

phone counsellingIn regional areas such as Gippsland & the Latrobe Valley, it can be difficult to access the kind of help that Peter Winter offers if someone is living and/or working in a remote part of the area.  It may be inconvenient to get to town centres on a regular basis if working on a farm or similar location. Additionally, the technology may not be at hand for Skype counselling.

It may just take a phone call to alleviate an issue, and Peter is happy to offer regular scheduled phone counselling if your circumstances are such that a face-to-face session is problematic to arrange.

Benefits of phone counselling

  • Can be scheduled at your convenience, allowing for a flexible schedule
  • Able to develop a rapport over regular sessions – you won’t be speaking to a stranger each time compared to other “help line” services
  • You are able to relax and express yourself in a comfortable environment of your choosing

Phone counselling has been described as “an intense form of delivery that often enables the client to work at a deep level very quickly.” If you are in a position where you need the flexibility and expediency of phone counselling, contact Peter to arrange a time.

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