Teenage Counselling

teenage counsellingPeople spend their childhood learning to be like their parents, and their adolescence learning who they are and how they are different from their parents.
Dr Miriam Kaufman, 2006

Adolescence is a significant period of growth and change in any person’s life. The physical developments that teenagers undergo are accompanied by a whole range of emotional milestones, with the accompanying need to establish a sense of self – not to mention the demands of school, home and a personal life. It’s not uncommon for adolescents to act out and indulge in behaviour that could cause parents concern – and that’s where Peter Winter can help, with his teenage counselling services.

Teenage Counselling: what does it mean for your child?

Depending on the situation, Peter can either counsel your child one-on-one, or with you and your child in a safe, secure environment. Sometimes teenagers just need to get things off their chests to an impartial party, without the presence of parents around, and thus develop healthy boundaries; other times, family therapy may be necessary. In either case, Peter is willing and able to help mend fences through teenage counselling and build stronger family bonds. Talk to Peter today about how he can best help your teenager within your family situation.

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